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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Brand Anthem Videos are a Huge Job Opportunity for Voice Over Actors


There are many opportunities in voice over acting and corporate work that can make up a large part of your jobs.  Whether it is commercials, videos, training, or AI they all have one thing in common, the need for a trained voice over actor.  In addition to these opportunities, there is one that is sparking more attention for brands the “Brand Anthem Video”.  Brand anthem videos are a great opportunity to help a brand by being the voice and opening the doors to other jobs within that company.  Here is a look at what these videos are.

What is a Brand Anthem Video?

Brand anthem videos are a way to connect with customers and inspire them.  They focus on who the brand is and not on what they sell.  It gives clarity to the purpose and values a brand holds dear.  These videos are used to engage employees, investors, partners, and clients.

How they differ from A commercial or explainer video

Commercials and explainer videos focus on the product or service. They tell you about the what.  Brand anthem videos go deeper they tell about the why.  It is about the purpose behind the company.  Some people may say it is the passion of the brand.

The best brand anthems derive emotion from the viewer.  This is done by using powerful imagery, the right music, and most of all well-written voiceover copy.  A voice over can create a more human connection with the brand.  The conversation is what drives the video and can make it go viral.

While brand anthem videos are not new, they are increasing in popularity and are considered a necessity in this day and age.

Narration and Your Role as the Voice Over Actor

The voice over actor must match the tone and style of the brand so that it sounds real.  You must also evoke emotions in the audience.

As the professional read over the script and ask about the visuals being used so that you have a clear understanding of the video and all aspects.  Often the script shows a description of the imagery or the imagery itself in the form of a storyboard. Your voice is what ties it all together.  While this sounds like a huge task, a brand is going to look for a tone and voice that aligns with their message.  Your voice may also be branded as their consistent voice and lead to more opportunities for you.

Create Corporate Demos

If you have booked other corporate work with brands, then choose your best and create demos that focus entirely on this area.  However, if you do not have work that showcases your voice then you must create some reels.

What a brand is going to look for are the key elements in an effective video and how your voice brings those elements to life. These five elements are emotion, (story-based not sales-based,) a unified message, visuals, and narration.  Take these five elements and make sure your voice merges them while still showcasing your style.  Your unique voice traits will set you apart and give you the edge.  Brands want to stand out from the competition, and it is the voice over actor that does this for them.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Documentary Voice Over Talent Guide


Documentary voice overs require a specific skill set in order to be successful.  The role is about bringing the producer’s vision on a topic to life.  Voice over talent narration can create the entire mood of the film.

Documentaries are different from other voice over talent work as it is not about selling it is about sharing factual information in the nonfiction world.

The voice over talent has a way of connecting with the audience and keeping them engaged while sharing material.  Voice over talent who are skilled at interpreting the documentary are highly sought after and will find that they are continuously working.

A Look Into Documentaries

Documentaries tell stories of real people, places, and events.  The factual elements are woven into a narrative that is truthful but also interesting and passionate.  It is the visual combined with the script that brings life and entertainment to these stories while giving real knowledge.

What Directors and Casting Agents Look For

There are different voice attributes and characteristics that the directors or agents look for.

They are often written at the top of the script like this:

·         Gender – make, female, both, either

·         Age – child, teen, young adult, adult, senior

·         Language and Accent – native speaker, fluent, voice actor who can perform with an accent

·         Characteristics – hip, relaxing, trustworthy, raw, informative, educational, and more

While there are some specifics that you cannot adjust there are several that, with some training, will give you more versatility.

Matching the Films Tone

Everyone can read and all voice over actors can read a script however, in documentary work it is about matching the tone of the film with your voice.  The tone sets the scene and the mood to educate and captivate the audience.

It is important to read the script and understand the theme and the audience.  A calm voice may be preferred for a nature documentary with excited inflections for dramatic scenes.  While a cheerful and upbeat voice for documentaries geared towards children may be appropriate.

The tone also needs to not be monotone to keep the audience interested, so it is about changing the style within the story.  The key is to educate and captivate at the same time.

Timing is Key

As with many voice over jobs, timing is key when creating narration for documentaries.  It is about delivering the lines at the right speed so that it matches with the images and visuals as well as coming across as natural and likable. As talent, you need to stay in the moment throughout.

Timing is a part of rehearsing the script and getting into character.

An Updated Portfolio

Directors and Casting Agents will be looking to find experienced voice over talent that will be a good fit for the job.  By looking at your previous work they will determine if your voice is the right fit for their needs.

If you are breaking into the documentary work, study it and then create some demos to showcase your voice and styles that fit it the best.

Fit Your Style and Book More Voice Over Talent Jobs

Don’t forget to hone in on your voice style and the types of documentaries that fit with your characteristics best.  I found that my personal style is "Americana” with my deep, rich, earthy, and gritty, storytelling sound.  My niche has given me a successful career as a voice over talent.

The voice over talent is the tour guide and leads the film many believe it is the voice that gives spirit to the film.  Work with the producers and creators of the film and be adaptable to help create the vision.