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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

How to Find New Gigs for TV Voice Over

Starting in any new profession is not a walk in the park, especially one as competitive as voice over (VO) work. You need to invest quite a bit of time, money, and resources in the early stages to gain a foothold in the field.

Even after you have received training and created your studio, you may find yourself without any work.

This process is how you learn a critical fact about this work: if you want to make money from your voice-over, you have to hunt for new clients on your own.

Look at Local Businesses

Most firms these days run ads of some sort on TV, radio, and internet. Look for local enterprises in your neighborhood who invest in regular video and audio campaigns. If they do have some ad campaigns, check out the quality of the voice over-employed. I voice a ton of corporate videos each month. They all utilize video!

If you feel that you can do a better job on that TV voice-over, feel free to boldly state that to the company. You never know, it might lead to new chances in the future.

Finding TV Voice Over Gigs on LinkedIn

If local networking is not doing it for you, it may be time to go the national or international level with your hunt for attractive VO partnerships and gigs. Also, LinkedIn is the perfect platform to meet producers and other executives who take their job very seriously.

Just remember to create a new, reliable profile/resume on the site. You can then use the search function to check out promising clients for gigs that pique your interest, like my gigs for cowboy voice over. 

Find Folks Who Need Your Skills on YouTube

YouTube is home to millions and millions of live videos. Not all content creators on the platform have a good grip on the audio and voice over aspects of their content. You can use the search tab to find accounts and videos in your favorite niche.

Find out those that could use your assistance. If they are active uploaders, approach them with your demo reel and angle for some roles - although this method might be a bit of a hit and miss when it comes to guaranteeing you a supply of new clients.

Use Google to Find New Gigs

Smart search features on Google allow you to narrow down your search to find possible matches faster. If you like cowboy-related projects, you can easily search for cowboy voice over for some hopeful leads.

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