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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Tips to Improve Skills of Beginner Voice Over Actors

The ability to create professional-grade voice overs is a handy skill to have, especially if you're an online content creator.

You could encounter several scenarios where you are unable to secure the services of talented voice over actors. Alternatively, you might be someone looking to polish your overall skills. Either way, the following simple tips can help make you a better voice over professional.

Avoid Unnecessary Charge and Heft

Announcers tend to have energetic, booming voices. While it is a cool feature to have, you don't need such a voice if you are looking for professional VO gigs. Most voiceover project scripts require a sound that is sharper and crisper than your regular voice. And more natural and authentic.

So instead of trying to supercharge your voice box to sound like someone you are not, you are much better off trying to find a safe zone within your vocal range.

Work on the Script in Advance  

I cannot stress this enough - previewing scripts is essential for professional-quality results.

This advice is especially valid in the case of long scripts for lengthy projects. Also, take a look at the source video to anticipate the flow of the script better. You should rehearse out loud if at all possible to learn the best ways to deliver that voice. 

Try to Deliver the Speech Standing Up

Breathing is vital for voice over acting - and you'll get drastically better results from your lungs when you stand rather than sit. Or at least sit on a stool with legs extended.

Standing makes it easier to breathe, and speak clearly, and also frees up your body, allowing you to create various body movements. Being animated like that can help you deliver a better character voice.

Protect Your Health to Sustain Your Ability To Produce character Voices 

Voice actors are very much similar to singers in this regard. Both groups are extra concerned about the throat, lungs, and nose area. Because of this, cigarettes, alcohol, and caffeine are all considered unhealthy.

You should also maintain a healthy schedule with adequate sleep and water consumption to keep your voice in top shape. If you by any chance have any allergies or breathing trouble, take necessary precautions. But avoid antihistamines as they dry out the mouth. 

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