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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Character Voice-Over - The Real Story Behind Rates in the Industry

The voice-over industry is governed by the fundamental law of economics, just like most other marketplaces known to humankind.

The equation is straightforward: when demand is higher than supply, prices rise, and the opposite happens when supply outstrips demand for that particular product or service.

If you are the only actor providing a character voice over service, you can expect a premium quote from your clients. At the same time, if there is a steady supply of American storytellers voices, the price will fall accordingly.

Demand is at an All-Time High
Digital technology has transformed virtually every aspect of our existence. For character voice over (and other VO acting pursuits), this has been incredibly beneficial.

There is a veritable explosion of multimedia content available right at our fingertips, from Major films, TV movies and commercials to radio, audiobooks, games, Web presentations and more.

It follows that if you are an American storyteller you'll have no trouble finding well-paying gigs.

And So is Supply!

Despite the increase in demand, the earning levels in the industry are falling. The same technology that fueled the explosion in demand is also responsible for increasing the supply of VO actors.

These days, just about anyone can set up a home voice recording studio for a minimal cost. Also, with the rise of Pay2Play sites, the supply may be overtaking the demand in VO. Also, with such a glut of vocal talent, companies and producers may try initiating payment at lower rates.

What an American Storyteller Can Do

Unfortunately, the present rate trends are expected to continue. However, as a character voice-over actor, you can still try a few things to help stem the rot:

Network with your peers and educate them about the need to combat low pay rates from companies.

    Always look to improve your market value through training and practice.
    Hold on to the clients you already have by developing meaningful relationships.
    Stay patient and remain confident in your unique abilities  

Change is constant, and there are plenty of positive developments to cheer about - things will likely get better soon as more opportunities increase. 

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