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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Should Voiceover Actors Start a YouTube Channel?

YouTube has become one of the most popular ways for people to share videos - people watch nearly five billion videos on Youtube every day. In the average month, eight out of ten 18-49 year-olds visit YouTube.

A lot of individuals use YouTube more than they watch TV. With YouTube boasting such astronomical popularity, you may be wondering if you should start a YouTube Channel as an up-and-coming voiceover actor.

YouTube Is Perfect for Marketing Voiceover Talent

YouTube can significantly enhance marketing strategies, especially for voiceover business owners. People usually find videos on YouTube through Google - since Google currently owns YouTube, getting your name to show up on search results for YouTube is liable to give you a huge boost in business.

A huge number of voiceover actors have yet to tap into what YouTube has to offer - meaning you’ll be ahead of the marketing game by using this invaluable tool. You can go at length discussing popular voice over topics, or strut your stuff for potential clients - chances are they’ll be impressed at your initiative and self-discipline in taking your marketing strategy by the horns.

Keep Your Videos Topic-Oriented

Every YouTube video should focus on a single topic - brainstorm about things you want to communicate to your viewers. The ideal video is informative without being too dry - it should be at least mildly entertaining. You should strive to utilize your voiceover skills to reel in your target audience.

Examples for subject material could include telling viewers how you got your start in the voice acting business, and what you’ve accomplished or experienced thus far - perhaps you can go as far as to give a demonstration of your talent.

Another great idea is giving a tour of your studio where you showcase your fancy equipment and how it’s operated - giving you another chance be subtle while still giving people a taste of your voiceover skill. Also, post videos that you have voiced for your clients. Ask for a credit line as they are producing the final edit. And comment about the video where the client has posted it.

YouTube Could Help You Land a Voiceover Job

By making videos and showing people what you’re made of, you’ll have a much higher probability of getting your name out to people that might offer you a job. YouTube videos are easy to share, so people can save your clips and show others your abilities with a simple click.

It’s wise to make a habit of publishing new videos - the more you post, the better your visibility will be - leading to more opportunities on a daily basis. With time, patience, and dedication, YouTube could help your voice acting career grow beyond your wildest dreams.

Also, consider that you’re a voiceover actor in Nashville, TN, but are struggling to find work locally. With YouTube, anyone in the entire United States (and the world) can easily watch your videos and offer you work that you could possibly do from your home studio in Nashville!

Remember though, videos don’t lie - make sure your content is top-notch because YouTube can break you just as easily as it can make you. Only share your best work!

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