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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

What is the Best Voiceover Software?

High quality recording software is crucial for voiceover actors, singers or people simply eager to start their own podcast. However, the fact of the matter is quality comes at a cost-something that many people are not willing to invest in. You might be asking yourself, is it okay if I use free software for my audio recording? A common conclusion is that when something is available for free, it’s probably not of high quality. This assumption is not always right. As a TV voiceover actor in Nashville, TN, I say learn to live within your means. Assuming that you are testing the waters in voice acting, it is not worth investing heavily in recording software and ending up losing interest somewhere along the way.

Which Voice Recording Software is the Best?

Before settling on specific voice recording software for your voiceover demos or auditions, consider what the recording is being used for by asking the following questions:

What level of voiceover proficiency do you identify with? 

If you are a professional radio voiceover actor, there are certain expectations that come with the title. This means that your recording should be topnotch. To achieve this, you need high quality recording software.

What audio recording software does your client use? 

You might want to use an application/software that is compatible with what your client is using. Those with several years of experience in voice acting use industry standards in anticipating what the client could be using.

How user-friendly is the software? 

There are some software applications that are constrained to certain devices in terms of their use. This means that these applications are sometimes not compatible with the operating system of your computer but also other hardware such as the mic.

Free Recording Audio Software

·         Adobe Audition- This is one of the most popular recording software that is compatible with almost every operating system available today.

·         Audacity-Audacity is a free recording software that undergoes numerous updates to improve the user experience.

Recording Software for Sale

·         Cubase-An amazing feature about Cubase as an audio recording application is the different levels of the product for users in different fields.

·         Goldwave-Whereas Goldwave is a popular voice recording software in music production, it also doubles up as an amazing application for voice actors.

·         GarageBand-This application comes as a pre-installed application in Mac computers. However, this means that it is only compatible with Apple devices and cannot be used in PC operating systems. 

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  1. For Mac users, Twisted Wave is a fine, simple, inexpensive app. It has a cloud based version, too, accessible by all users. For most VO it does all you need and is simple to learn.