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Thursday, December 13, 2018

What Does a Talent Agent Do and why do I Need One?

Whether you are a seasoned voice actor or someone looking to make a break in voice acting, getting new clients is probably your greatest concern. Voice over in show business has never been more popular. And competition in this industry is cutthroat. Navigating the murky waters of the entertainment industry requires some professional help... this is where a talent agent comes in. Currently, talent agents are found in almost all entertainment hubs across the world. If you are looking to take your voiceover talent in Nashville, TN to the next level, hiring a talent agent should be top of your priorities. Plus, agents can offer a better point of view from which to promote from.

What do Talent Agents do?

There is a ton of information about the job description of a talent agent. More often than not, this information is conflicting. Whereas some voiceover actors prefer to navigate the industry solo, there are those who find it a good idea to seek the services of talent agents. Just like their name suggests, talent agents’ primary role is to provide voice actors with opportunities. Most talent agents are active or retired professionals in their specific fields of specialization. Chances are that voiceover talent/actor agents have years of experience in voice acting/acting themselves and may use this experience to mentor budding voice actors.
However, remember that agents are NOT managers and may not take a deeply personal interest in your career as a manager would. The key word is "opportunities" such as auditions is what they provide to talent.

Am I Ready for a Talent Agent

Now that you understand what a talent agent does, you might be wondering at what point of your career is best to hire an agent. How do you go about figuring out which agent is best for your voice? A talent agent can be valuable to your career particularly if you are looking to make a break into a new area in voice acting. Or are expanding from acting to voice acting. 
However, you really need to be working on your own at a certain level of professionalism to be of interest to an agent. Your demos must be first rate and your business attitude adjusted to making a full time career in show business. Otherwise, you'll be wasting an agents time.

What do Talent Agents Look for in Voice Actors?

Bringing on board the right talent agent is a challenging task especially for self-starters in the voice acting world. By specializing/honing your skill set, it becomes easier to figure out which agent would improve your voiceover career. Here are some of the qualities that talent agents look for in voiceover actors:

      Vocal range - talent agents prefer working with voiceover actors that can change their vocal qualities when needed. The ability to expand their dynamic range.

·         Are great storytellers - in voice acting, great storytellers are individuals with an interesting phrasing. These are the kind of people who are not afraid to bend a few rules in order to improve on the quality of their production. While holding the interest of the listener.

     Proper Attitude

     As indicated earlier, having a good business attitude, a willingness to audition quickly and often and work WITH them to further your career is important to any agent. Giving THEM what they need to help YOU!

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