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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Knowing What to Look for in a Voiceover Job Posting

As a voice actor, you need to constantly be on the lookout for possible gigs and auditions. When you first come across a voiceover job posting, should first check the specifications just to make sure that you are a perfect fit for the job. Taking due diligence beforehand can also increase your chances of nailing the audition. In addition to other factors, always remember that integrity is far more important than simply making a quick buck. Doing otherwise will likely come back later to haunt you. Below are some of the things to look out for in a voiceover job:

Language, accent and dialect-be honest and forthright about the languages, accents and dialects that you can handle. As most client can easily spot authentic language from one that is not polished. If you are looking to succeed as a voice always make sure that you indicate your level of fluency when submitting your auditions and proposals.

Gender-The fact of the matter is, there are some voice actors with the ability to convincingly change their voice’s gender. However, this is a very rare skill and with very limited opportunities. If you can’t convincingly change the gender of your voice, don’t stress about it. Stick to the voices that suit you the best.

Work type- There are many different types of voiceover work that you can apply for. For instance... in TV voiceover, radio voiceover and web documentary voiceover. All of these require a unique voice suitable to the specific industry. But don't limit your abilities when it comes to voiceovers. Experiment with different voices, styles and approaches and establish where your voice is strong as well as areas that need improvement.

Consider the Clients’ Specifications- Most clients will always set a deadline for receiving auditions. If you are fully booked and cannot audition for a certain gig on time, be willing to pass the opportunity. There will be plenty more opportunities. Accepting auditions and later not delivering on them paints a bad picture of the kind of voiceover actor you are. Never set yourself up for looking unreliable.

Pay rate-This is the deal breaker for most voice actors. Most actors are confronted with the challenge of establishing their true worth and at the same time appealing to the client by being affordable. Before you come up with your voice over price range, take into consideration the going rate in the industry, your work experience, what you can bring to an individual project, as well as the client’s budget. Note that you are at liberty to set your own charges and you are under no obligation to accept a job that you feel is not worth your effort. Constantly value your worth throughout your career and use it as a gold standard for setting you apart from all others. 

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