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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

4 Ways to Get Into Character in Voice Acting

Getting into character is one of the challenges that some voice actors struggle with. For those in video games and animation genres, it doesn’t get any easier since they require a unique set of voice over talent. For example, video and cartoon characters are mostly fictional characters. This means that you have to imagine yourself playing a role of a character that is in a fictional context and has no equivalent in the real world. You could even be the first person to play the role of such a character. With little or no information of what the voice of the fictional character would be, the key to nailing the audition is being able to interpret what the producers are looking for. Confronted with a new character, here is how to land a deal as a TV voice over or radio voiceover in Nashville, TN.

Read the Script Thoroughly

Before you even get into trying to figure out what a character may sound like, try and interpret the character by analyzing the script. There is a way you approach this task when trying to capture a character voice. First, read through the entire script in a casual manner. Go through the script again, this time with a bit more thought-remember to take notes. Then you might consider rereading the text a few more times for you to capture the complete picture of the character.

Analyze Character Motivation

Once you have a good grasp of the events in the script, pay close attention to what your character says to other characters as this gives a more accurate depiction of values, morals and motivations behind the role you are taking. In simple terms, be critical of your character’s actions. It is noteworthy knowing that some voiceover actors in Nashville, TN feel the need to walk or even dress up like the characters they are set out to play. This is a great way of giving an even more convincing portrayal of the character.

Concentrate on Action Words in the Script

To really bring life into your character, look at how they utter certain words in the script. If your character makes a statement such as “Why are you going that way?” try and figure out the action behind the statement for you to understand the tone used. Is the tone demanding or simply inquiring? One success strategy of becoming a great voice narrator is by crafting your own interpretation of the character in the script as long as you are consistent with the storyline of your character. Use a little of your own "background" information as a real person.

Think Physically

In order to nail what your character sounds like, try and think about how they look and act physically. Sometimes it helps a lot if you can try and imitate their actions from the script physically. You can also make facial expressions that you think the character would make while reading certain lines of the script. Whereas the audience will only hear your voice, you have to make the voice reflect the physicality of the character in the script. Don't keep your arms to your sides. Use your body... just be sure to maintain your microphone proximity.

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