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Thursday, November 15, 2018

5 Tips for Nailing a Character Voice Audition

So you think you are the best voiceover talent in Nashville, TN? Can you do squeaky voices, mimic popular cartoon characters, come up with funny accents? Do you think all those qualities combined are enough to get you into the character voice over industry? While such talents are exceptional when doing voiceovers, fleshing out all the elements of a good character voice requires soling your acting chops. Your character voice must be unique; not always going for the obvious. We can all agree that mimicking Mickey Mouse is impressive but since it has already been done-we already know what Mickey Mouse sounds like. When you go for a character voice audition, consider the following tips.

Take Time Studying the Copy

It actually helps a lot if you take your time going through the copy. Read it several times if need be so that you are able to express different sides of the character you are playing. Depending on the scene you are portraying, know exactly when to adjust your pitch, volume and pacing while staying in character. Such actions tend to portray the different moods your character will be using.

Add Your Own Personality into the Character

During a character voiceover audition, your own subtle voice traits can add some flavor to the character. You can create expression such as laughing, sighing or even singing as part of your character expression.

Follow Directions

Nothing is more disheartening to a casting director than dealing with a voice actor who can't take direction and instruction. Character voiceover auditions in Nashville, TN can be brutal at times. Don’t go into a live audition and start making demands to have things done your way. Always have a fall-back plan in case things don’t go your way. If your first character version is rejected, try and have a second version for consideration. Be flexible!

Make ‘em Laugh

You need to understand that casting directors are looking for a voice over talent that can “find the humor” and deliver a line or two their way that will make them laugh. This is one way of making your audition stand out among hundreds of voice over recordings in Nashville, TN that the directors have to listen to before choosing a voiceover actor.

Do your Homework

Auditioning for a voiceover role without prior knowledge of what the role entails is like flying blind. Before the audition, do some research on the characters and where the show is going to air. Typically, different networks have different sets of audiences especially for animated content. Prior knowledge of the network where the show is going to air allows you to better interpret the characters. During the audition, be exciting as to how you interpret the script. A casting director would rather have you go over the top with your performance than hold back. The best advice here is to take risks and show your talent as a voiceover actor rather than deliver something that doesn't have any punch. 

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