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Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Importance of Vocal Coaching

If you are a newbie in the world of voiceover, then you likely find yourself feeling as though you are treading water.  Or worse, there may be times when you feel as though you are sinking.  This isn’t a skill that is mastered overnight.  Even the experts are constantly working to polish their talent, to learn new tricks, and to expand their skillbase. As a beginner, it is essential that you take steps to learn as much about the craft as possible.  This doesn’t necessarily mean enrolling in a four year program at the local university, but it does mean considering other educational endeavors aimed at improving one’s voice.

Vocal coaches are a hugely valuable asset in this industry.  There are many aspects of your career that can benefit from work with a voice coach. Remember, your voice is an instrument and you must understand how the instrument works, how to create the very best sounds with it, and how to properly care for it, if you are going to be a master.

A vocal coach can help you gain a better understanding of many aspects of the job and of your voice, including:

    All about tone, pitch & tempo
    How to warm up your voice
    How to care for a sick voice
    Tricks to fine tuning your performance
    Tips for in person auditions
    How to critique your own demo tapes
    Better breathing practices
    And more...

Many new, up-and-coming voiceover artists are worried about spending money on private vocal coaches before they have really started making money with their voiceover businesses.  However, this is an important investment and one that can bring great rewards.  Be sure, though, to seek out a vocal coach with a strong and positive reputation in the voiceover industry.  This will help you avoid costly scams, and it may even lead to new connections within the field.

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