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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Singing Lessons for Voiceover Artists

If you are looking for a way to improve your voiceover prowess, but you simply can’t see the benefits of taking yet another acting or improv class, then you may want to consider singing instruction instead.

You read that right. No need to check your vision. Even if you have never considered yourself a singer, you may benefit from work with a singing coach. There are several ways that this sort of practice can help you improve your skills and push your career forward.

Hearing the Music! Very often in voiceover, there is a musical component. The voiceover is blended to fit with the musical intro or is set against a background rhythm. The ability to hear that music and match it with your own speaking voice will make your end product more appealing to the customer.

Stepping Outside the Comfort Zone! If you are not a singer by nature, but you sign up for classes with a singing instructor, you are forced to step outside your comfort zone. Growing accustomed to doing so will help you take on a greater range of roles as a voiceover artist, which discomfort or fear might prevent you from doing now.

Greater Range! Practice singing often improves a person’s vocal range and stamina. Both of these improvements will have a direct, positive impact in your voiceover career.

Learning to Breathe! If you have been working in voiceover for any length of time at all, then you know how troubling an ill-timed breath can be. Worse yet, losing your breath mid-sentence is downright frustrating and can call for additional takes. Singing classes can help you gain a better understanding of when and how to breath to get the best sound.

Although, hearing pitch, texture, dynamics and tone may be second nature to a natural born singer, being made aware of these things by an instructor will help you with your voice over performances.

Warm-Up Exercises! These are often done very well by singers and completely overlooked by voiceover professionals, yet the benefits are shared by both types of talent. Singing instruction will teach you how to properly warm up your voice, so you get better recordings and face less risk of damaging your vocal chords in the process.

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