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Thursday, May 10, 2018

How Voiceover is Impacting Education

The DIY era was proof enough of the power of how-to articles and videos, but now there is proof that it’s not just the posts made on the web that can help students learn new tasks and information.  Several studies have been published recently that indicate that students enjoyed greater retention of material when traditional text was replaced with video learning, and that this was even more impactful when the presentation included voiceover. Good news!

The science of this makes sense.  It has long been known that people process new information in two ways because of the makeup of the brain.  One portion processes the information received visually.  The other processes that learned verbally.  Thus, seeing and hearing new material simultaneously greatly improves the likelihood that the information is retained.

This phenomenon was immediately pointed out to those created how-to videos online, but it is perhaps even more essential for traditional schooling.  E-learning is a growing trend, of course, but even traditional classrooms rely on certain web-based tools for enhancing the educational experience.  These services will generally involve slide show presentations, ‘in the field’ videos, and ‘performing the task’ videos. 

Those creating the videos and presentations can benefit greatly from voiceover professionals.  As stated above, the addition of that audio can greatly improve the retention rate among the students.  In some instances, the instructor or special guest will do the speaking him- or herself.  However, in many instances, voice over talents are hired to provide the vocal component.

This is a big niche that has really grown rapidly in recent years and is expected to continue on that trend in the coming years.  If you are new to the voiceover industry, then you may want to seriously consider the potential that exists in focusing specifically on this niche.  Often, specializing can greatly improve your chances of success and this is an area that will likely have many doors open to you.

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