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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Tune Your Voice With These Food Tips Before The Voice Over Sessions

Every profession needs some preparations before starting their job or session every day. When it comes to voice artists, the food they consumed before a session plays an important role in the quality of the recording.

If you are a voice artist, irrespective of a seasoned or fresher, you cannot leave your producers unhappy with your performance. A number of food tips will help you to offer high-quality voice sessions at studios and improve your confidence.

Reduce Food and Drinks that Cause Acid Production

Generating acid in the stomach is one of the biggest enemies of voice health. You should avoid the use of food intake that contains reduced caffeine as it creates an imbalance of acid in the human body. It leads to increased acid production as well as loosens the muscles between esophagus and stomach.

Caffeine also causes dehydration, urination, and mucus production. Therefore, you should remove coffee (or at least decrease intake) and carbonated drinks from your menu. The other foods that lead to the generation of acids include alcohol, spicy foods, highly acidic vegetables and fruits, processed chicken, spicy food items, and more.

Hydrate Yourself

If you want a healthy voice at the voice recording sessions, you should hydrate yourself. While drinking water throughout the day is the best choice, you should not take iced water as it tightens your vocal cords. Instead, room-temperature water is the ideal choice to make your vocal tissues healthy. I drink the cheapest bottled water I can find.

Also, food items that contain more fluid content can help you stay hydrated. Especially, vegetables and fruits with high fluid content will soothe your throats between sessions. Cucumber, celery, grapes, apples, and raw tomatoes can also help you in your attempts. How about a hot bowl of soup for lunch?

Avoid Dairy Products

Whenever you have voice over sessions, you should keep dairy products away from your dining table. Dairy and dairy products are notorious for mucus production and make your voice recording sessions painful. It creates problems for you to produce consistent, clear voice throughout sessions and make you worry about your performance.

The milk products include ice cream, yogurt, butter, milk, cheese, sour cream, milkshakes, and more. Reducing your dairy intake, the previous day and completely avoiding just before the voice session is the best choice to save your throat. I recently discovered Almond Milk to pour on my morning cereal. It's non dairy and I can barely tell any difference from whole milk!

Sufficient Vitamin A Intake

Vitamin A has the capacity to keep your mucous membrane and soft tissue healthy. For any voice actor, foods that contain vitamin A is a must intake to keep their overall throat health better. Liver and eggs are important sources of vitamin A, and you also get the sufficient protein supply from these foods for cell repair.

Vegetables and fruits including carrots, orange sweet peppers, cantaloupe, and apricots also provide you the required vitamin A intake. Do you know that cantaloupe has almost 90% water? It helps you to stay hydrated as well.

Final Thoughts

Some simple steps and a little care can help you to make your voice over recording days greater. Any industry where people are "selling their voices" can use these food tips to deliver the best out of them.

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