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Thursday, April 12, 2018

How to Choose the Right Voice Actor

No matter what kind of business you run, advertising is a big part of every industry. That's the reason why a voice actor is so necessary for your brand.

The audience connects to a voice, and when you have the one that syncs with your brand, the voice will soon become the mark of your brand. The wrong voice will do just the opposite – it will create a negative impression about your products in the mind of the audience.

It's important to choose a voiceover talent with a lot of care and thought. Nashville-based Rick Lance Studio specializes in all types of voiceover work.

Rick Lance has created his own Americana style of voiceover work, and has been the voice of many a brand over the last 25 years. Radio and TV commercials, web promotions, film/TV narrations and corporate videos are just some of the areas Rick Lance works in. He's also represented by several voice talent agencies across the US and Europe.

Rick Lance isn't only a seasoned voice narrator, but he can also advise you on how to pick the right voice for your brand. With hundreds of clients behind him, an experienced professional like Rick Lance is highly suited for voiceover work, coaching, and consultation.

Choosing the right voice

There are certain factors that can help you choose the right voiceover recording artist for your brand. The voiceover industry isn't small anymore; the moment you advertise your needs, you will have hundreds of hopefuls queuing up or sending you their demos. It is up to you to make the right decision.

Some of the factors to consider when choosing a voiceover artist are:

What emotions best describe your brand? Is it efficiency, positivity, happiness, or something else? Next, look for the voice that invokes all those emotions that your brands stand for.
Take a cue from those national car commercials that are so good at selling an "image... not just a car.

Presenting or storytelling? There is a world of difference between just talking and storytelling. Select a voiceover artist that matches your purpose, whether it's just presenting or storytelling.

Listen to demos. Without listening to a variety of demos, it's hard to make a selection. Look for artists who can handle a wide range of work with ease. Determine the age of your demographic. What should be the proper sounding "age" of your voice talent?

Choose the right accent. An incoherent accent can be a dealbreaker, no matter how good the artist is. Look for an accent that's clear and easy to understand. Or a generic sound may be more appropriate.
By the way, I notice that the industry standards regarding accents has been changing. More and more regional accents are being sought after by voice seekers. Rick say,"Sounds pretty Americana to me. Interesting, over half of my weekly work I record using a slight (almost generic) Southern sound, even though I was not born in the South (rather in PA) but have lived in Tennessee for many years. It's just part of my Americana style/attitude."

Think of longevity. If you don't want to keep changing artists, look for someone who you can work with for the long term. Of course, it may take a little while to settle on someone. But once you find they fit your product/service like a hand-in-glove, stick with them to maintain the consistency and strength of your company's brand.

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