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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

What Do I Need to Get Started in Voice Over?

There are many people who believe that all you need to start a career in voiceover is a great speaking voice or the ability to do impressions of recognizable characters.  That, however, isn’t really the case.  It can be difficult to gain solid footing in this industry.  Although the web and the many apps, services, and software have made the job easier in some ways, they have also opened the doors for more competition. There is a flood of available talent for those who are looking to hire a voiceover professional.  You have to have the right tools and the right base of knowledge if you hope to be picked out of the crowd.

There are certain physical items that you will need including a reliable computer.  I recommend a laptop, as there will likely be times in the future when you will find that you need to bring your work along on your travels.  While some get by with tablets, I have found that they still lack the full function of a laptop, however the hybrids are showing great promise. I use a MacBook Pro. It's very flexible and super quiet to 

In addition to a computer, you’ll need a good microphone.  Spend a little more to get one with great ratings, as your voice will only be as good as your microphone.

Internet access is an absolute necessity.  Again, it is worth spending a bit more to get truly high-speed access.

Editing software is something you will become very familiar with as you continue your work in the industry.  Start with one that is well recommended, reviewed, and commonly used.  It will make your transition into voiceover much more enjoyable.

A studio is also necessary.  Most will build a space into their home, and that is fine.  Be sure, though, that you can effectively block out background noise and get clean recordings every time.

In addition to the physical elements of building a recording space, you will need to be mentally committed to this profession if you hope to be a success. 

You’ll have to be willing to put in long hours creating demos that truly represent your talents. 
You’ll have to be willing to continue your education, so you continue to improve.

You’ll have to really focus on taking care of your health, and particularly your voice.  That means giving up tobacco, avoiding booze, staying hydrated, and learning methods of avoiding- or treating respiratory illnesses.

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