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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Create a Blog People Want to Read

Blogging isn’t dead, as many would like to suggest.  It does, however, require a certain finesse and a degree of dedication if you hope to attract readers.  It can be a great SEO boost for your website, while providing worthwhile information to your audience base, if you approach it appropriately.  Consider the following tips as you create your blog space.

1.    Make it Easy to Navigate

Though a blog page is often looked at differently than a basic website page, the basic principles remain the same. A person is visiting this page in search of some piece of information. Make it easy for that person to find it or he or she is likely to surf away onto a new webpage. A lot of white space makes the page easier for the eye to take in, so avoid distracting design. Front and center navigation controls will generally make it easier to get around.

2. Give Them Content

Remember that the visitor came to view the content, so keep that as the center focus. Don’t use misleading headlines in the hopes of attracting more readers, as this can damage your credibility and deter repeat visits. Create high quality content that will keep them wanting more.

3. Headlines Should Be Engaging and Informative

Speaking of headlines, be sure that they are accurate and meaningful. Make it clear what you hope to achieve in the blog post. Avoid overly wordy or length headlines. Clear, concise, and connecting

4. Speak Consistently to Your Audience

When creating a blog post, know who is most apt to visit your blog and speak directly to that niche. Write about things that will interest that audience. Write in a way that will appeal to that audience. Market the content to that audience.

5. Be a Social Content Creator

Don’t just write a blog; be a blogger. That means visiting and reading other blogs. It means subscribing, commenting, and sharing other blogs of interest, and particularly those that are related (without competing) with your brand.

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