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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Three Ways to Become a Better Voiceover Talent

If you are working as a professional voiceover artist, then the goal is obviously to continue to grow and improve your craft so that you continue to be seen as a viable candidate. In fact, you don’t just want to be ‘viable’, you want to be the voice that all others are judged against. There are three things that you must do exceptionally well, though, if you are going to reach that status.

1. Blend with the Brand It is when a person seeing an advertisement or listing to an audiobook becomes so immersed in what is being said that you know you’ve done great audio work. When you speak the message or story in the right way, people will forget to critique your work and will just enjoy what your client intended to say. This is accomplished by adapting to the work in front of you. You shouldn’t be reading every piece with the same intensity, tone, and pitch. You should be adjusting those things to make sure that you are reading the words as they were intended to be read. Malleability is a blessing in this industry.

2. Allow the Message to be the Star This goes along with the message of malleability. For when you read the piece as the client intended, you allow the message to ring through. Those listening will not hear your inflections, your pronunciation, or any other element of speech. They will simply hear what the company or author has to say.

3. Give Your Best Performance Every Time The most important thing that you can do for the sake of your voiceover career is to put your all into every single job. Whether it is a full-length novel or a sixty-second radio spot, you should give it the emotion, the energy, and the dedication that it deserves. When you consistently give a spotless performance, casting directors and clients will notice. It is the very best way to ensure future work and success.

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