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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Three Things You Must Cling to When Working as a Voiceover Talent

If you are new to the voiceover industry, I welcome you. This is a profession that is very appealing to many people, for many different reasons. For those who have stuck it out for a year-, two-, or ten, congratulations. While this career path does appear fantastic in the beginning, there is also a big burnout ratio. A large number of people will not remain in the field for long. However, if you can hold on to the following three things, then you may just stand a chance of becoming a staple within the industry.

1. Your Sense of Humor Most who enter the realm of voiceover do so with a happy, go lucky personality. The majority enjoy a good joke and strive to instill a bit of humor in their demo reels. Unfortunately, long hours in the studio and being asked to read through the same scripts over and over again can really put a damper on a person’s mood. It is essential, though, that you hold on to that spark of humor that made you love the job to begin with. Sometimes saying it with a smile and a wink in your voice.

2. Your Health Voiceover work can be very sedentary. Also, most voiceover talents today work out of their own homes. This means very little exercise and the ever-present temptation to go to the kitchen for a snack. Additionally, there is always the concern that illness – a cold, respiratory infection, the flu, etc. – could make it impossible to get clean recordings for a day, a week, or longer. It is very important to maintain control over your diet and exercise plan, so you can stay in good health and reduce the chances of voice-damaging illnesses.

3. Your Patience Unfortunately, when you work in voiceover, there is always a chance that you will come across the occasional client who is never satisfied. The constant critiques and criticism will certainly test your patience. You are also likely to encounter slow spells that will add undue stress to your life. You must hold onto your patience. It will keep you sane and will also make you a more desirable candidate for future work. And be sure and indulge those individual activities that manage to keep your sanity in tact.

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