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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Side Job Ideas for Up-and-Coming Voiceover Artists

While most hope, when entering the voiceover industry, that the workload will quickly escalate and become the full time position that is aimed for, the truth is that it takes time.  Just as in other profession, it takes time to establish yourself as a voice over talent.  The jobs are likely to trickle at first, which means that you may have to take on a side job in order to support yourself, while building up the voiceover business.  Fortunately, in this day and age, there are many part time gigs that can help you make some extra cash, while providing you the malleability of schedule needed to keep operating as a voiceover actor or actress.  Here are a few ideas to consider if you are trying to earn a second income to supplement what you are making in voiceover:

Uber or Lyft: Both companies offer essentially the same service, and both need drivers like you.  If you have a car and know your way around your city or town, then you may be able to make some extra cash carting people from one stop to another. 

AirBnB: This alternative to hotel stays has really appealed to many travelers around the world.  If you have a house, converted basement, or even a spare room that you are willing to loan out to individuals or families, then you can make some extra money.

Turo: Like AirBnB, except for vehicles, Turo arranges for an exchange of cash for a borrowed car without the rental company. You can loan out your ride and make some cash that you need to cover your expenses. 

Rover: Love animals?  Babysit a pup for a night, a weekend, or a week to make some cash.  Dog sitting is a highly desired service, and many dog owners really want to see their dogs spending time in an open space with company, rather than the typical kennel setting.

Wag!: If you don’t really want to bring the dog home (or your landlord doesn’t allow you to), then consider just spending an hour or two with them.  Dog walking is still a viable way to make some extra cash in most cities and the Wag! Service makes it easier than ever before.

Freelancer.com: If you have a talent for writing, website design, marketing, or app coding, then you can make cash doing it as a side gig.  Upload your resume and create a profile on Freelancer.com, so you can start bidding on the huge list of available jobs.

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