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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Remembering Those Who Hired You First

The voiceover industry, much like the entertainment profession as a whole, can be highly competitive.  You will undoubtedly have to take on several smaller, less attractive roles in order to begin to build your resume before you will be considered for more substantial voiceover spots.  While it will be very exciting when you reach that point when you are being considered for full length novels, animated films, and other such parts, it is important to appreciate those who hired you before you had really established yourself.  And, it won’t just be a matter of convincing yourself to take on a smaller role with a repeat client in order to keep those positive relationships intact.

In the past, on a couple of occasions, I have written a bit about what it takes to secure a voiceover agent, and about how difficult it can be to get that sort of ‘in’ in this industry.  If you are fortunate enough to have been signed by an agent, then you will certainly want to do what you can to ensure that the relationship lasts.  Yet, you also must realize that not all agents are created equally, and there are times when you will have to speak up for yourself in order to make it work with your agent.

It is your agent’s job to sell you, (that is, to a limited degree since a personal manager is more equipped to perform that role) but if you have already been signed, then chances are good that you have been in the industry for a while.  That means that you might have already formed relationships with clients, and that those clients may want to work with you again in the future.  You want to be sure that it is clear with your agent that, while you hope for bigger roles in the future, you definitely want to show appreciation for the clients who chose to work with you in your earliest days.

The repeat work may not pay as much, may not be as widely recognized, but it can serve as the foundation of a highly successful career.  Don’t overlook the importance of client appreciation.
It can help you maintain your integrity in the business world. And we sure can use more of that!

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