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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Learning Better Comedic Timing

Look at the men and women who have been most successful in the voice over industry, and you are likely to find one common thread – a strong understanding of comedy and a perfect sense of timing.  Comedic timing is, in fact, one of the greatest tools that you can possess if you are hoping to build a successful career in the voice over industry.  Yet, for many, this skill doesn’t come naturally.  It is something that requires practice and training.  Some would argue that it is not possible to teach the talent, but that is not the case, and many comedians have admitted that they always wanted to be funny, but failed many times before they hit their stride.

Don’t Learn; Unlock It is important to understand, as you set out to improve your own comedic timing that it is not that a teacher will be able to hand you a textbook that will allow you to understand and adapt the skill.  Instead, the right teacher will pull out what already exists within you.  It is, in fact, already within you to know how and when to deliver a punchline.  You already possess the innate abilities needed to perform improv.  You just need to unlock those hidden talents, which is exactly what an excellent teacher or coach can do for you.

Think Outside the Box Acting- and improv classes are widely recommended to voiceover artists, but these aren’t always the settings that teach the timing that you seek.  It is much more about understanding the importance of pause, or melody, or rhythm, and you may just find that you have a better chance of capturing the knowledge that you desire in a music class.  Singing, playing instruments, or even dance can teach you a great deal about timing, and that can actually transition quite nicely into comedic delivery.  These things can also force you out of your comfort zone, which is where you will have to be if you hope to become a success in voice over.  You must be willing to open yourself to new experiences, an array of different characters, and scripts which you might not to choose to read otherwise.

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