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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Better Health for Better Voiceover

You are what you eat.  It’s what most healthcare providers have muttered to patients at one time or another.  There is some truth to the saying.  The healthier the life we lead, the better we feel and the more we are able to accomplish.  This is particularly true when you are relying on your body to be your instrument.  As a voiceover actor or actress, you should definitely be considering how you can take care of yourself in order to ensure a long and fruitful... hee, hee...career!

Healthy Eating Since I have already referred to it, it makes since to start with a healthy diet.  This is a challenge.  Although nutritionists, doctors, and personal trainers may argue otherwise, the truth is that there would be far more thin and trim individuals if healthy eating was simple.  There are many temptations in our day to day life, and that can make our best intentions fall to the wayside.  You shouldn’t give up all of the joys of eating, of course.  Enjoy the sweet treats, the big and juicy burger, or the slice of greasy pizza, but do so in moderation and fill in the rest of the meals with vitamin rich foods, because they really can have a big impact on how you feel and how you perform.

Meditate, Do Yoga, Take a Bath, or Get a Massage Voiceover work (like so many professions) can come with a lot of stress.  When you are struggling to keep your anxiety at bay due to a pressing schedule or because of a slow spell, take a moment to breathe.  I mentioned a few options, but there are many, and the idea is to choose the one that relaxes you most. Whatever that may be! High stress levels put us at greater risk of getting sick, gaining weight, and making missteps on our career paths. 

Take a Class It isn’t just the body that needs care, but also the brain.  We exercise to keep the body in shape.  Likewise, we should aim to keep learning in order to keep the brain in peak form. Don’t feel as though you have to limit this to acting and voiceover classes.  Consider learning a new language or study a new culture. Or maybe a new exercise class. 

Exercise The diet is only part of keeping the body in good form.  You also have to be active if you hope to be in good shape.  Exercise has been shown to ease stress, help a person sleep more soundly, clear the mind, and lower the risks of many common but serious health conditions.

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