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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Building a Professional Voiceover Website

If you want to make voiceover work into a career, then you will want to present yourself fin the most professional manner possible when interacting with voice coaches, agents, or casting directors.  

While some will claim that a website is not necessary in this day and age, I argue that your website is your home base and it can set the tone for any of those professionals who may choose to research you.  Therefore, it can, in essence, serve as the first impression for the people who could make or break your career. 

Make a website and make it great, so you can make the very best first impression every time.
It's so easy to send your website link in an email message. Or print it on a business card.

Headshot This should be one of the very first things that a visitor sees on your website, as if walking into a room to shake your hand for the first time. Spend the money to get a professional head shot taken, if you haven’t already.  Even though you will spend the majority of your time behind a microphone, this picture is important because people connect better with images than they do with text. And as we all know, we are NOW a very visual society! Video is king!

Biography Be sure to include a creatively written piece about yourself, your background, your training, your experience, and even a bit about why you chose this career path.  Any marketer will tell you that the ability to tell a story is paramount to making the sale.  You are trying to sell your talents, so tell a great story.  It is generally advised that your write your bio in first person, as if speaking to the person visiting your site.

News There should be a news section on your website.  There are a few reasons for this.  First, it provides the perfect place to showcase new roles and experience that you are gathering.  It also keeps your website fresh, because you are regularly adding new content, which search engines appreciate.  Appeal to the search engines and they’ll send more people your way. Be sure and link your blogs to your website.

Downloads A casting director or agent interested in your work is likely going to want to download your resume, your headshot, and your demo for further consideration.  Make it easy for them to do this.  After all, those downloads could lead to more paying work for you.

Contact Info I suggest that you include contact info (email address and phone number, at very least) on every page of your website.  Whether you include this information in the header, the footer, or simply work it into the page design, it is important that it is easy to find. Also, include a link to your payment ability such as PayPal. And any other links you may find that specifically apply to customer service or other helpful information for the visitor.

Video The final piece of advice that I will offer is that you consider including video demos in addition to audio demos.  Why?  Video is very interactive and many people strongly prefer it to audio.  Even though you will be behind the scenes for the actual work that you do, people will appreciate seeing your facial expression, and will likely feel a stronger bond to you because they can picture you working in the booth.

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