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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Approaching a Voice Over Agent

Let me begin this blog post with two clarifiers:

1. Not every voice over talent will require an agent. You may find, especially with the technology available today, that you are able to drum up business on your own. If this is the case, then you may choose to hold off on hiring an agent, or may even choose never to work with one.

2. Not every voiceover talent will appeal to VO agents, and you may have to do a lot of work beforehand in order to get an agent to work with you.  After all, they want to take on talents who are going to appeal to casting directors. 

With that said, there are steps you can take to ensure that you are seen as a good candidate for an agent.

Take the Initiative The agents aren’t going to call on you.  That is a dream that only comes true for the tiniest percent of people.  You will have to seek out agents.  So, do your homework to determine which of these are experienced and most apt to get you paying work.

Read the Instructions Every agent is different and will want to be approached in a slightly different way than others.  Read through the submission instructions so you can be sure to present yourself in the right light.  You don’t want to be ruled out before the agent has even pressed play on your demo.

Avoid the Urge to Reach Out on Social Social media is a beautiful thing and can be a very powerful tool for voice over artists, however, there is a time and place for social networking.  You can certainly try to make a connection with VO agents online, but don’t try to make your submission or a plea via social networking.  In the vast majority of cases, it will be seen as unprofessional.

Highlight Your Experience and Training If you haven’t worked as a VO artist before, but you have made several appearances on stage, taken several acting classes, or have been working with a voiceover coach, be sure to highlight these things in your cover letter.

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