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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Creating an Editorial Calendar to Keep Your Voiceover Business on Track

Calendars, even in the digital age, are a very powerful tool to have on hand.  Of course, they have changed form a bit, in this era, but they serve the same purpose as they always have – helping you avoid double-booking, and ensuring that you meet deadlines.  An editorial calendar is not overly different than your average calendar, but it is focused entirely on growing your business, and can, in fact, offer a sort of road map to reaching your goals.

There are three things that your voiceover editorial calendar should be doing for you:

1. Ensure that your marketing objectives are managed in a timely manner.

2. Help you keep track of important deadlines

3. Allow you to make time for important tasks, meetings, or casting calls

Digital calendars – like those in your smartphone or attached to your email server – are valuable, especially because they can provide alerts and reminders.  Furthermore, you can sync your calendar with co-workers, partners, or your spouse to ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding what needs to be done and when you will be tied up.  The calendars of this day and age are also great because they allow you to color code events, so you can block out your day more effectively.

For instance, you should set aside time each day to check in on social media and email, so you maintain a regular presence and reply to questions and concerns in a timely manner.  This may be deemed a marketing objective and therefore may be recorded in green.  Later in the day, you may have a casting call, which is business development and may be recorded in blue.  Invoicing and bill paying time can be blocked out in red, as a general business practice.  And, the time spent in the studio is recording time, to be recorded in black.  By color coding blocks of time each day, you can easily see where most of your time is being spent, and, if necessary, adjust your time management accordingly.

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