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Thursday, October 26, 2017

How to Turn Daily Transactions into Voiceover Work

Most days, the majority of people will have some level of interaction with another person.  This could be the unexpected cold call on a lazy day around the house, or it could be the numerous people doing a multitude of tasks related to the errands that you run on an average day.  Any one of these interactions could lead to a new professional connection, but you’ll never know the possibility unless you actively pursue it.  Am I saying that you should introduce yourself and talk about your choice of profession with every person you come across on a given day?  No.  Of course not.  However, there are many opportunities to boost business that entrepreneurs, like you (and me), miss out on every day.  So, before you start your day, consider your objectives and how they may double as business building prospects.

Running into an Old Friend You run out of the recording studio to grab a quick bite to eat, you make your way to the grocery story to pick up a few things needed around the house, or you stop to check your mail.  These are all normal activities that people do on a regular basis, and they often lead to small-talk-situations.  You may come across an old neighbor in the aisle of the grocery store.  A former high school classmate may be managing the restaurant where you stop to have lunch.  Or, you may run into your prior colleague in the post office.  The best question to ask?  “Where are you working these days?”  “How’s work treating you?”  Questions like these can be easy transitions into talk about your own profession, which is exactly the aim should be.

Going to the Doctor Appointments are one of the best times to grow your business.  As soon as you leave the office, check the website of the practice (doctor, dentist, masseuse, chiropractor, physical therapist, etc.) and look for areas that could benefit from voiceover work.  Then, simply write a note to the office, suggesting that you had a recent visit that went really well, that you followed this up with a look at the website, and that you would be willing to offer your voiceover services if they wanted to add some script to their existing videos.

Establishing New Friendships on Social Media Perhaps because there are computer- (or handheld device) screens between you, social media is often the easiest place to share info about your profession and to offer up your services.  Just don’t forget, when you make a new connection on a social network, invite that person to like your professional page as well.

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