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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Voiceover 101: Importance of Taking an Annual Vacation

Working in voiceover can be a very rewarding career path.  Not only do you get to express your creativity when reading the various scripts for a large variety of different clients, but you can also make your own schedule and spend a lot of time in your home office.  For those who don’t love the idea of a standard 9-5 job, this is certainly an enticing profession.  However, it doesn’t come easily.  It does require a lot of hard work, networking, and patience with difficult clients.  It can also involve longer hours each day, because you never really leave the office and are likely tempted to answer emails, phone calls, and texts after the typical business hours.  In that way, it can be both rewarding and taxing.

This is exactly why it is highly recommended that you set aside time for yourself.  Whether that means traveling to an exotic island getaway for ten days, jumping on a ship bound for the coldest reaches of Alaska, or simply turning off electronics and enjoying a staycation, vacation time is important.  In fact, it has even been proven through extensive research that the upper echelon of management (i.e. CEOs) are actually more apt to receive raises, bonuses, and positive feedback if they take vacation time each year.  Why?

Vacations are a time to mentally and emotionally reboot.  There is a lot of stress that comes with holding down a job – whether it requires you to be in the boardroom or the recording studio.  That stress can really weigh a person down, making it more difficult to concentrate and make wise decisions.  Vacations wipe the slate clean, and provide you a fresh starting point when you return.
It's not just the break from the work stress, but also a bit of time away from technology.  Turning off the computer, phone, tablet, and other such devices can really be healing.  That is a large part of the reason why cruises and international trips can provide greater stress-relief.  The inability to stay in constant contact with everyone allows a person to unwind and enjoy the world around him or her.

So, take the vacation.  Not only will it provide you the chance to try something new; it may actually make you a better voiceover artist.

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