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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Choosing Your Own Audition Piece

In many cases, when it comes to voiceover work, you will be asked to read a sample of the script that will be used for the job you are auditioning for.  In some cases, it may be a cold read, but it is still pre-selected material that is handed to you.  There are some auditions, though, which will require you to bring your own material, and these can be wonderful opportunities that shouldn’t be missed.  There are many mistakes that a person can make when selecting audition material, however.  Before you go ahead and choose the piece you will read for the casting director, considering the following:

Mistake #1. Choosing something that fails to showcase what makes you unique. 

It is true of you, and it is true of every voiceover talent – within each of us, there is something that makes us different than everyone else in the business.  It is when you recognize that unique part of you that you can really make the most of the auditioning process. Take time to consider what makes you great and then select material that really highlights that.  It might be the ability to shift from one dialect to another seamlessly.  It may be the ability to really portray anguish.  Whatever it is, do your best to draw it out so the casting director has no choice but to fall for you.

Mistake #2. Opting for poorly written material.

Let’s assume that this would only happen because you found out about the audition last minute and in a panic grabbed at whatever material you happened to have lying around.  Because, otherwise, there simply isn’t any excuse.  Even this reason is weak at best.  You should have a good, well-written script always on hand in case such a situation arises.  Well-written material makes your job easier.

Mistake #3. Failing to research the potential client.

It still amazes me that people make this mistake, but they do.  If you walk into an audition completely blind to who you are reading for, how can you possibly showcase the aspects of your talent that will best suit the job?  You can’t.  So, don’t try it.  Take the time to do some research into the client and, if possible, into the type of work they are proposing.

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