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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Three Costly Mistakes that Could Kill Your Voiceover Career

A career in the voiceover industry can be a lot of fun and very rewarding.  However, it can also be volatile.  You must avoid the costly mistakes that could cost you the career that you have learned to love.  Though there are many mistakes that one could make – from producing bad demo tapes to no proofreading cover letters – there are three that are extraordinarily common and often overlooked.

#1. Skipping Out on Classes You majored in performing arts, so the skill set is already there and honed, right?  That depends.  How long ago did you graduate with said degree?  The truth is that everyone can benefit from further acting classes, but the more time that passes between classes, the rustier your skills can get.  It is worth considering regular improv- or acting classes.  Each and every class will be unique and you're bound to learn something – about yourself, about your career, or about becoming a character – that will help you professionally.

#2. Overburdening Yourself It is tempting, when starting out in the voiceover industry to take every job that comes your way.  However, this can ultimately lead to your schedule being so bogged down with poor paying jobs that you don’t have the time or energy to seek the better, high-profile spots that would give your resume a big boost.  Of course, you don’t want to constantly turn down paying work, but schedule yourself at a reasonable pace, leaving block of time each week dedicated to networking and growing your business.

#3. Becoming Complacent This is sort of an extension of #2.  It isn’t just a lack of time and energy that can cause a person to forego important business building activities.  Complacency is the voiceover artist’s biggest enemy.  While the job you are working on right now is allowing you to live very comfortably, it isn’t going to last forever.  If you stop networking, building connections, and marketing your brand, you are likely to suffer a dangerous slowdown in the future.

Remember, you only get out of your career what you are willing to put into it.  Don’t forget to hone your skills and market your brand.  Doing so is the only way to ensure a future for your business.

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