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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Why You Shouldn’t Always Hide Behind Your Voice

As a voiceover artist, you will likely spend a lot of time at your desk and in front of your microphone.  However, you shouldn’t hide behind your voice all of the time.  There are two big reasons to get your face in front of others.

1.    People bond more easily with others when they can put a face to a name.  Whether you are literally meeting and greeting in person or simply sharing video of you in the recording studio that touch of human interaction can really make a difference in how potential clients respond to you.  It can make you more memorable.

2.    The more comfortable you are performing in person, the better you will be behind the mic.  A lot of voiceover work involves a healthy dose of acting.  That means that any practice you get performing will help you with your work.   It is also helpful to have average, everyday discussions with others.  It can help you when you have to portray a natural, conversational voice for one of your projects.

I’m not saying that you have to go perform a stand-up comedy act or that you have to put on a one-person show, but it might be a good idea to record your next promo with video, not just audio.  Or, take part in a play.  At very least, go out and sit in a café and talk with a person or two while you are there.  Tell them about what you do.

If you are naturally introverted, understand that you are not alone.  Many voiceover artists share that in common with you.  That is why we are more comfortable behind a microphone than on a stage.  However, it is very good for your business to put your face forward from time to time.  So, hide away the majority of the time, if that is what makes you most comfortable, but do make yourself visible on occasion.

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