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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Three Great Ways to Network While Practicing Voiceover

When starting a career of this nature, it is important that you be able to call upon the connections that you have built throughout your lifetime.  The more networking that you do, the more likely it is that you will know the friend of a director, producer, marketer, or casting director looking for a talent just like yours.  But, it is also important to dedicate much of your time practicing and honing your skills, so you are ready to audition for those perfect spots.  The best thing to do, therefore, is to find ways to combine networking and practice sessions, in order to maximize your time.  Here are a few suggestions to consider for doing just that:

Join or Create a Voiceover Club If one doesn’t exist near you, then form one, or join on online.  Voiceover clubs provide the perfect environment to build relationships with others in the industry, but they can also be a great chance to try something new and get instant feedback on it.

Volunteer to Do Readings at Schools or Libraries Reading to kids has to be one of the very best ways to practice your acting skills.  After all, kids want to hear all of the characters in the story come to life, and they will gladly join you on your creative journey.  However, these readings are also a great way to network with teachers, administrators, librarians and parents.

Take Acting Classes Learn the skills needed to step into a new character role, to improvise in the moment, to control your breathing, and to take more natural pauses when reading.  While you are at it, meet and greet other students, instructors, special guests, and any others who happen upon the class space.   This is a networking haven, and it brings you into contact with others working in the same industry.

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