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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

How to Hone Your Skills as a Voiceover Professional

Congratulations!  You’ve started on what can be a very fulfilling career path, and maybe you have even been hired for a voiceover job or two.  However, the work is only just beginning.  In order to remain successful in this line of work, you have to continue to hone your skills, so you can continue to get the paying work.  There are many things that a voiceover professional should do in order to get the most out of his or her voice.

Stay Healthy Both physical and mental health are extremely important in this line of work.  Therefore, it is truly essential for voiceover professionals to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  This should include a diet rich in the important vitamins and nutrients that defend against illness.  It should also involve physical activity that keeps the lungs strong, builds stamina, and clears the mind of everyday stresses.  The stronger you are mentally and physically, the better equipped you will be to handle the stresses and rigors of this line of work.

Educate Yourself  Most professionals agree that the learning process does not end at the graduation ceremony.  There is much that you can gain by continuing your education.  This includes acting classes, which can keep your approach to voiceover fresh and modern.  But, it also includes business classes – marketing, accounting, etc. – which can greatly enhance your ability to handle the backend up your voiceover business.

Be a Member of Community Both in the physical- and the virtual sense, you should embrace the chance to be an active member of your community. Whether you are conversing with people in your town or city, or via social media, the opportunity to network is always a benefit to your career.  Those benefits may not be immediately clear, but as you grown as a voiceover artist, you will likely find that all of the connections you made along the line have led to doors that you might never have discovered otherwise.

Treat Every Job as the First and the Last Each and every time you enter the recording space, try to harness the excitement that you felt when you recorded your very first voiceover job.  But, also give each and every job your very best effort as if it will be the last you ever record – your legacy as a voiceover artist. That passion will be appreciated and is likely to win over casting directors in the future.