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Thursday, February 23, 2017

What Can a Voiceover Talent Learn From Marketing Trends

If you aren’t following along with some of the marketing news, while working as a voiceover actor or actress, then you are doing yourself a disfavor.  There is a lot to be learned from marketing news.  Above all else, you can figure out new tricks and tips for marketing your own services, and that could most definitely lead to a growth of your business.  Aside from that, though, a lot of voiceover work has a tie to the marketing industry.  Consider the marketing-related jobs that you could find yourself reading for:

·         App Creation
·         Commercials
·         Web Video or Audio for Business
·         Radio Spots

These are just a few of the examples of the way that businesses can make use of your skills as voiceover actor or actress.  With so much of our work coming from the marketing industry, it makes perfect sense that voiceover talents would want to know about the trends impacting that profession.
With the New Year came many reports of expected marketing trends for 2017.  Among those, there were many that could lead to changes in the voiceover industry as well.  For instance:

·         Cultural Diversity This is a big matter in marketing these days, for good reason.  More cultural diversity often means looking for voiceover talents who are able to speak multiple languages or who have experience with the practices of multiple cultures to draw on.

·         Video Content The benefits of great video content have been fully realized over the past couple of years, which means that businesses are now scurrying to make their own potentially-viral videos for online marketing purposes.  Often, that means a need for voiceover.

·         The Slow Death of Print Marketing With more and more of the marketing budgets moving to the web, there are far fewer ‘print’ advertisements and far more of video- or audio format.  All of that is helping to drive the continued growth of the voiceover industry.

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