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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Voiceover Opening New Doors for Visually Impaired

Very often, voiceover work is done for companies looking to entertain-, appeal to-, or inform audiences.  But, occasionally, a voiceover artist is hired to complete a job with an even more significant purpose.

Not that long ago, a leading technology-related publication released a story of voiceover tech that was opening doors for the blind community.  Though a lack of vision is a hindrance, technology is making it possible for those suffering with vision loss to do more than ever before, and much of that is accomplished with voice recordings.

For a blind individual, breaking into the software engineering field was a major challenge, in large part because there was so a large visual component to the work.  However, with the help of voice talents, tech companies have been able to provide screen-reading technology to blind professionals, which has meant an a much more level playing field for those who want to brooch the tech sector, despite vision loss.

New coding education software offered by Apple, for instance, has been updated with this screen reading technology.  The software was designed to teach people – young and old – how to write code.  This isn’t just for those who are currently of an age to secure a career path.  The tech companies that are pushing this type of software are looking to inspire the younger generations.  These are the kids that have grown up with smartphones and tablets.  They knew how to navigate from app to app at two years old.  And, now, at as young as eight years old, some are trying to make their own apps, by writing their own code.  For the visually impaired, voiceover is a powerful tool.  It can give them the verbal information that they need so they can make the most of their own tech-related skills.

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