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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Should You Get Your Child into Voiceover?

If your child has a knack for acting, and a personality that instantly wins others over, but struggles with stage fright, then you may find that voiceover is a good option. This could, conceivably, provide your child the chance the showcase his or her talents to the world, without having the leave the privacy of your home. And of course, good actor training... on camera and off.

There are advantages to getting your kid involved in this business.  Though, perhaps business isn’t the right term.  There is a certain stigma that comes with placing a child in a paying role at a young age, even though we have all seen the success that youngsters can enjoy in the acting business, before they are even old enough to comprehend what fair wages are.  Nevertheless, if you are concerned that you are putting too much pressure on your child by considering voiceover work for him or her, then think about this as you would a community play, a dance class, or guitar lessons.  In reality, you are only supporting his or her interests in the performing arts, but doing so in a way that caters to his or her personality.

That said, be sure that this is something that your child really wants to do.  Unlike the dance classes and guitar lessons, it isn’t going to be easy to simply walk away if the mood strikes.  After all, there is a client at the other end expecting a finished product.  Often, it is not the first read-through that is the issue, but rather the multiple revisions requested by clients that taxes the child.

Furthermore, it is important to understand how this is going to impact your schedule.  Some of the work will undoubtedly have to be done on tight deadlines, which means that your free time will no longer be yours.  But, it’s not just that, you will likely have to act as your child’s agent – answering emails, sending off audition materials, filing taxes, setting up appointment times, and even ensuring that he or she has an active work permit (laws vary by state).

If you and your child are ready for the commitment, then you should definitely consider the possibilities that come with working in this industry.  It can be very rewarding for people of all ages.

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