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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

How a Medical Appointment Could Improve Your Voiceover

If you are a voiceover artist, then you should have a very close and comfortable relationship with the doctors and other medical professionals in your life.  To be a great performing artist, you must avoid illness and impairments that could wreak havoc for your blossoming business.  Just consider these examples of how professionals in the medical field can make you a better voiceover artist:

1.    Vision Test: Poor vision makes it harder to follow a written script, which means more mistakes that must be edited at the end of each recording.  If you find that you have to squint, move the pages toward- or away from your face to make out the text, or you end each recording session with a headache, then it may be time to schedule a vision test.

2.    Hearing Test: The better you can hear the nuances in your audio recordings, the better the final product will be when you hand it off to the client.  High quality headphones can help with this, but they aren’t going to be enough if you are struggling with hearing loss.  This may not be as obvious as you would believe, so if you have any reason to suspect your hearing is waning, seek the opinion of a specialist.

3.    ENT: Sinus and nasal congestion can really change the tone of your voice.  It can also make it more difficult to breathe properly.  Getting winded will make it much more difficult to create good, clean audio.  While colds and allergies do happen, even to the healthiest individuals, if they linger or are frequent in your life, you may want to consider a conversation with an Ear Nose and Throat specialist, before your work is negatively impacted.

4.    Bloodwork: Certain vitamin deficiencies and medical conditions can cause voice weakness and general fatigue, both of which can be harmful in this line of work.  Regular physicals, including blood work, can help avoid the negative impacts of such deficiencies and conditions.

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