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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

How Important is Voice in Advertising?

With all of the social media marketing used to sell products these days, you might be tempted to believe that voice plays little part in advertising now.  That, however, is most definitely not the truth.  First of all, even in social media marketing, there is often a need for voiceover.  Many banner ads, video ads, and other similar features will require the talents of a professional voice actor. Additionally, television, radio, and podcasts are alive and well, with regularly running commercials and advertisements.

So, if you are going to be the voice of a commercial or other advertisement, you will need to seriously consider how you approach the job, because the voice isn’t just relevant, it can make or break the campaign. Don’t believe me?  Then, imagine the following:

- A favorite kids’ television show cuts to commercials, and the first thing that is seen are the famous golden arches. As the camera pulls back, we see kids running to the brightly colored doors to be greeted by the famous mascot of the brand. And then a voice can be heard, pronouncing the new addition to the kids’ menu. It’s deep, dark, and slow speech… and, suddenly, something is not at all right with the commercial…
- On another channel, primetime television is underway and the reality show takes a commercial break. A sleek luxury car hugs the road tightly as it weaves its way down a steep incline, with mountain on one side, and cliff on the other. Without a problem, it navigates the road, and a voice begins to speak about the benefits of a new traction system. The voice is high pitched, bubbly, rushed, and features a strong accent that causes words to run together…

These are obviously farfetched examples, but they do show the importance of using the right voice, the right tone, and the right speed of speech for every job.  Much of this will fall on your shoulders as the voiceover artist.

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