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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A List for the New Voiceover Artist

As you get started in this industry, there will be many challenges, many obstacles to overcome.  However, if you have the right foundation, if you care for your voice in the right way, and you have a healthy dose of business sense, you can accomplish a lot.  That said, I have compiled a list of considerations to keep in mind as you make your way.

Always Have a Glass of Water Nearby… Always! I cannot emphasize this enough.  It is so important to care for your voice, and that begins by staying hydrated.  You want your voice to be ready on command.  After all, if a prospective client calls, you want to answer the phone with a strong and confident voice.  Always have water at hand, in case you need some hydration.

Avoid Congestion Easier said than done, I know, but do everything in your power to keep your sinuses clear, because congestion is our enemy.  It has a major impact on the sound of your speech, which will undoubtedly cause trouble in the recording booth.  Practice proper hygiene to avoid illness, use allergy medication as necessary, and keep nose spray on hand to help break up congestion when it does form. 

Do Not Avoid Cardio Exercise It is essential! Cardiovascular exercise on a regular basis will build up your stamina and reduce the risk of becoming winded after being in the recording booth for a while.
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Keep Practicing in Your Free Moments Voice exercises are still taught and used because they have proven very effective.  The more you focus on your breathing, on your annunciation, and your articulation, the better you will become as a voice artist.  So, take advantage of those free moments.

Remember, You Are an Actor It is not enough to read the words on the page.  Show emotion where appropriate, and become the character that you are reading for.  This is important whether you are recording for a novel, a video game, a commercial, or even a training video.  Remembering that you are an actor will help you avoid awkward speech patterns that can ruin the experience for the listener.

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