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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Making the Most of Your Voice Over Demo

If you are trying to get work in the voice over industry, and you continue to miss out on the various projects that you apply for, then you might want to consider taking a closer look at (or rather, listen to) your demo tape. 

The demo tape is almost everything!  The hiring company wants to know that you have had training, that you have experience, and are equipped with the proper equipment to perform the job.  But, the demo tape is easily among the greatest tools in your arsenal, and you can be sure that every single potential employer is going to listen to it, before making the decision of whether or not to hire you.  Anyone who has listened to audio books, or even radio advertisements, knows that the voice can really make or break the project.  So, even with all of the experience and education in the world, you aren’t likely to be hired if you have an off-putting voice when recorded.

We all know that you don’t. You wouldn’t be putting yourself out there, in this industry, if you thought that your voice wouldn’t hold up to the job.  That said, you may want to consider how you can make yourself sound better in your demo tape, so those prospective jobs turn into real moneymakers.

Your demos should include the voices used in previous works, especially if you have experience working for well-known brands.  These voices may be recognizable to the person hiring, which would make you stand out.  Of course, not all of your work is going to be widely recognized, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give a taste of it.  Make sure all of your personal voice traits are showcased in your demo. These were jobs that you were hired for, which means that someone saw something of value in your voice talents.  And, ultimately, your voice will become your brand, so it is nice to maintain some level of consistency.

Now, forget, for a moment, that last sentence, because as much as you want to establish your voice as a brand, you will have to step outside your comfort zone a bit if you hope to present a wider range of option for the prospective employer.  Can you do voice impression?  Can you speak in different accents or inflections?  These are things to play with a bit, and if they are convincing enough, then you will likely want to include them on your demo tape.

The last tip I offer is that you get some help putting it all together.  Spend the money to have a professional blend the audio, remove any background sound, and ensure a seamless transition from one bit to the next.  This demo tape could be the one thing that stands between you and that paying work, so the investment is certainly worthwhile.

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