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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Getting Your Feet Wet in Voice Over

If you are new to the voice over industry, then you likely have countless questions swirling round in your head.  The answers to many of those will have significance in your career as a voice over talent.  However, not all of those questions have to be answered right this minute.  There are a few that you should allow to take precedence, and the majority of those that are most important can be answered by you.

What Do You Hope to Accomplish? Is this a bucket list item and something that you only want to try once or twice, so you can say that you’ve done it?  Or, as with most voice over professionals, do you hope to make a career of this?  You have to know what you are hoping to accomplish as you set out, because the answer to the question will help you choose the right paths along the way.  Many decisions will be based on the amount of time, energy, and dedication you have to offer.

How Will You Measure Your Success? Assuming that you do want to make this into a career, you will want to gauge your success along the way.  For some, that means, simply, a steady income.  For others, it means the building of a voice over empire, so to speak, that allows you to build an entourage of talented voice over professionals so you can bid more jobs as a company of talent.  For some, success is measured by the caliber of the projects signed.  Again, your measure of success will often dictate how-, where-, and when you seek new work.

Can You Handle Rejection? No?  Then quit now.  You cannot do this type of work expecting that you will never be rejected, criticized, or put down.

Can I Afford to Put a Lot of Time in Before the Money Starts Flowing?  As a general rule, when starting any sort of company, it will take time and investment up front to build a clientele, a reputation, a brand.  That often means putting a good amount of time into non-paying tasks in order to get the business where it needs to be to attract new jobs.  If you can’t afford to do that, you might want to consider other avenues.

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