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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

So You Want to Be a Better Voiceover Artist? Part II

In the last blog post, I wrote a bit about getting started as a voiceover actor.  There are many things that must be considered as one breaks into this industry.  And, because there are so many aspects to doing the job well, there are many tips that can be offered to those who are just getting started.  I only touched on a small portion of the job in the last post, so I thought it might be appropriate to continue the conversation here.  In the last post, I spoke at length about being a marketing-minded, well-trained, business professional in order to secure the jobs.  However, once you have the job, there are things that can be done to help ensure that the project is a success.

Read Through it Before You Read Through it We all know what it is like to be under a time crunch, and it can be very tempting to just run through a job as quickly as possible, but you will be more consistent, less likely to make mistakes, and more impressive to the producer (who could be a great source of future referrals) if you are comfortable with the text before you start the narration.

Have a Routine It is very helpful for most voiceover professionals to take a few minutes to get into the right frame of mind before the recording begins.  Do some vocal exercises, stretch, meditate, focus on your breathing, set up your studio exactly how you like it, have a long drink of water, or just adjust your mic a bit.  Do whatever you feel most comfortable with, but get into a routine of doing just that each and every time you walk into the studio.  This will help you establish a sort of consistency in the rest of your work, and set you on the path toward success with each project.

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