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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

It May Be Healthier To Slow Down!

In the previous post, we wrote a bit about how to tell if you're overwhelmed. In some cases, once you get there, you absolutely need to rest and refresh. When you hit that crunch time, you're going to find yourself no longer productive, so slowing down is an absolute must. Think you should keep moving at the faster pace? Here are a few reasons to reconsider.

  • You Might Be Gaining Weight: One British study suggested that if the body can't predict the timing of the next meal, it's likely to store calories as fat. Often when you get buried in work, it's tough to find a time to eat, and that can lead to some serious weight gain.
  •  You're Putting Your Heart At Risk: People who continually work without an extended break have a 50% higher risk of developing high blood pressure over the course of their lives than those who don't according to a study by Northwestern University. That high blood pressure could damage your heart and give you far fewer working hours in this life than you'd ever imagined.
  • You're Killing Your Creativity: Creativity is part of what makes the best VO actors so good, but if you can't slow down, you may actually be hurting that well of inspiration. Fast-moving activity allows little time for reflection, which according to one study by the Harvard Business Review, is the source of creative solutions. That means that you're not going to be able to offer your clients as much as they bargained for.

See! It is actually worth it to take a step back from work occasionally and slow down. Replenish your well, then keep moving forward!

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