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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Does a Voice Over Artist Really Need a Recording Studio?

The short answer to this question is ‘yes’.  There must be a booth that will block out other sounds – cars driving by, fans running, dogs barking, etcetera. However, the term “studio” can be defined in many ways.  There are those who work out of professional isolation booths that are leased out by the hour for the very best possible audio production.  Of course, those professionals must charge much more for their services, because they have to cover the cost of the booth.  On the other hand, there are voice over artist who work out of their own homes, set up in basements, bedrooms, or other spaces within the home where they can find the necessary level of silence. 

If you are new to voice over, and you want to do it professionally, then you must consider what environment is going to provide you the necessary peace and quiet needed to do the job right.  If you are going to create a studio in your own home, be sure that you choose a place not frequented by other members of the family, and a place that will allow you to shut out pets and other distractions.  Soundproofing is ideal, because it really will provide the best product for the customer.

There are companies that sell products designed for those who are creating music or voice over in their own homes.  These products range from simple sound proof panels to full-size, free-standing sound booths that can simply be treated as a new room in the house.  There are even portable versions that can be set up and taken down at a moment’s notice, so you can do your work from wherever you’d like.

Of course, it’s not just about the sound proofing, but also about the recording of sound.  The right microphone and recording software can make or break any ‘recording studio’.  So, yes, you do need a studio of some sort, where you can lock yourself away to record narration.  Included in this is a high quality microphone and digital recording software.

Also, given the speed and frequency of auditions coming around each day, you will need to jump on these opportunities as quickly as possible. Using an outside studio for this is simply a "way too slow" approach to securing work through the auditioning process.

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