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Thursday, October 13, 2016

It’s Time to Brush Up on Your Sales Call Skills

What’s your favorite thing to do? It’s cold-calling prospective clients, isn’t it?

Just kidding, I know you hate that, because we all do! Or at least most of us do. However, it is a necessary evil at times, and one that may even pay off if you’re able to land a new client from it.

To do this, though, you need to be a skilled cold-caller. Most of us aren’t natural born salespeople, but there are some things we can do to brush up on those skills. Here’s what I’m talking about:

     Remember your purpose and stick to it. When you’re calling people, get to the point quickly and don’t veer off track.
     Have a script on hand so you can refer to it if necessary. You don’t need to read from it word-for-word, and you really don’t want to anyway because it will sound canned. But it’s a good idea to have something written down to glance at if you need to.
     Make sure you’re pitching to the right person. If you’re delivering your spiel to the receptionist, you’re probably wasting your time because he/she is not the decision-maker.
     Offer to connect with them another way, such as email, if that is preferable to them.
     Be ready to describe how working with you will be a benefit to them. This what really matters to them anyway, so have a few talking points at the ready about how you’ll be an asset.
     If they say they don’t have time to discuss anything at the moment, propose another time or ask them what works for them. Be persistent, but not annoyingly so.
*   Don't be afraid to leave a voicemail message. Remember, this is another chance for them to hear your voice.
     Finally, if they’re not interested, thank them for their time and end the call. Don’t try to wheedle a few more minutes out of them or use other tactics to try and convince them to work with you. Not only is this irritating to 99.99% of the population, it’s also just plain rude.

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