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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Who You Need on Your VO Team

Even if you’re a voice over actor who’s working for him/herself, you still need a team. You can’t do everything on your own, and some things are better left to other people (who are better at it than you) anyway. When you’re starting out in this industry, here are some of the people you may want to connect with to help you along the way:

1.    Voice coach - This person will help you develop your unique sound by building on your vocal strengths and working through weaknesses.

2.    Acting teacher - Just because you’re not on a stage or screen, it doesn’t mean you’re not acting. In fact, that’s exactly what you’re doing! An acting teacher can help you hone those skills, tapping into your emotions and helping you get into character. This is very important, because even though your audience can’t see you, they’ll know if you’re being authentic or not.

3.    Agent - Not everyone uses an agent, but many actors couldn’t survive without theirs. An agent is sort of like your partner; they work to get you jobs that are suited to your skills as an actor, but you also benefit them as well by granting them more exposure in the industry.

4.    Web designer - You need a stellar website. This isn’t something to compromise on either, because your web presence and brand development online are two of the biggest ways you’ll land work. Unless you have experience developing websites, you need to work with a pro to get your site up and running and looking great.

5.    Mentor - Working with an experienced voice actor is one of the best connections you can make. You’ll learn firsthand how the industry works, and you can get a closer look at both the creatives and business processes that are in place when you’re running your own voice over business. If you know a fellow VO actor, reach out to them - it just might be the best thing you do for your own career. 

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