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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Ready to Start a Career in Voice Over? Get Your Partner on Board First

Congratulations on deciding to become a voice over actor! Truly, it’s the best job in the world, and there is so much to love about it. But before you get started, there is one very important thing you need to do, if you haven’t already.

You need to convince your husband, wife, mom, dad, significant other or whomever, that this is a worthwhile career.

Why is this important? Because you will need their support as you go along. Everyone needs a good support group, but in this highly competitive industry, knowing you’ve got someone in your corner can keep you going when times get tough. And they will. And you’ll want the support.

So how do you get them on board? You tell them all the wonderful things about voice over, that are completely and absolutely true. Here are a few of them:

1.    There are literally tons of VO opportunities. This is no joke. There are radio spots, commercials, ebooks, corporate training videos, and the list goes on and on. Yes, it’s competitive, but there’s no denying that the opportunities are virtually limitless.
2.    You get to enjoy an extremely flexible schedule. Need to work the opposite schedule from your spouse to handle child care duties? VO will allow it. Still in school and have a crazy class schedule? VO will enable you to work around it. Whatever your other responsibilities are, with voice over, you can record whenever you like.
3.    You get to choose your projects. Schedule flexibility isn’t the only area you get to call the shots on. You also can pick and choose which projects you work on, which means that you may actually (gasp!) love what you do! How many people can say that about their job?
4.    You get to learn new stuff every day. Some jobs are so tediously boring and mundane, that people become trapped in that dull reality. Learning and personal growth are stunted, and your spirit pays the price. This isn’t the case with voice over, where you are constantly being challenged and educated.

5.    You’ll be happy. If voice over is something you truly love, and it’s something you know you can succeed at, you’ll be a happy person. And that alone is worth more than any other reason you could possible give. 

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