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Thursday, September 29, 2016

4 Ways to Improve Your Sound Quality that You May Not Have Considered

Most of you probably already know that some things will just kill your voice - smoking or lots of shouting, for instance. But did you know that the prescription your doctor wrote for you last week may be altering your sound quality? Or that reading from a paper script may have a negative impact on your performance?

It’s true, and there are lots of other little things that could be affecting your sound quality - and not in a good way, either. Here are 5 ways you can improve your sound that you probably haven’t considered:

1.    Brush your teeth. Having an unclean mouth not only feels gross, but it can also impact how you sound! Certain foods and beverages can have a drying effect on the mouth and throat, but a thorough brushing can help clear those bad tastes away and restore moisture. Plus, you don’t want to be smelling your own garlic breath all afternoon, do you?

2.    Wake up. Although it sounds crazy to me, there are people that like to roll out of bed and get right to work. While this “go get ‘em” attitude is certainly admirable, your voice isn’t at it’s best immediately after you wake up. It needs time to shake off sleep and warm up, just like most people do. So drink some hot tea, eat a good breakfast, and do a quick vocal warm-up and some facial stretches before hitting the mic.

3.    Watch your posture. If you’re getting a little too comfy in your desk chair, or you’re slouching while standing at a mic, then your voice isn’t sounding its best. When your posture is straight, though, your voice sounds clearer and stronger. So shoulders back and spine straight, people!

4.    Reduce your fatty food intake. Fattening foods can compromise your sound quality, so just say no! Bonus food tips: avoid spicy foods, caffeinated drinks, and dairy products too before recording. 

5. Get plenty of exercise daily. Walk, play with your kids, join a sports team or a gym. Staying in shape is an obvious way to good health and a long voice acting career. As well as a good experience for the brain to keep it sharp and focused.

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