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Thursday, June 16, 2016

What Goes Into Casting Decisions?

Ah, the mysterious world of casting. What is it that makes a casting agent decide to go with one particular actor over another? Is it solely because of talent? Or maybe experience?  There’s actually not just one easy answer to this - big surprise, huh? Casting decisions are made for a multitude of reasons. Let’s go over some of them, shall we?

Ability - Your ability as an actor is one of the most important factors in whether you get hired or not. Obviously, right? Agents want dynamic people who have mastered VO to work for them, so they’re looking for voice over actors that possess both the talent and skillset needed to convey their message. Things like accent, dialect, and other qualities also come into play where casting decisions are concerned.

Experience - How much experience an actor has will also be taken into consideration. While it’s not unheard of for a brand new actor to land a job - clearly this happens or else no one would ever gain experience - most agents look for actors who are a bit more seasoned.

Connection to the Role - If an actor has a connection to the role they’ll be playing, chances are they’ll be able to play it with more authenticity, which will improve the performance and make it more believable for the audience.

Chemistry - The chemistry between the actor and the people he/she will be working with may also be factored in. If an artist can develop a good rapport with the client, the process of completing the project will likely go much smoother. This can also ease communication between actor and client, which is a huge plus as communication difficulties have the potential to cause major problems.

Cost - The actor’s rates are another deciding factor. If an artist gives a quote for a project that the client feels is too much, they may move on to the next actor. Just be fair and firm regarding your rate.

Availability - Another logistical component is the actor’s availability. Will he/she be able to turn the project around according to the client’s timeline?

These are just some of the considerations that go into casting decisions. Many of them are subjective and simply come down to the agent’s personal preferences. This can make it more difficult to consistently land roles, but if you’re great at what you do, maintain a professional attitude and can fit all the criteria the client wants, chances are you will succeed.  

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