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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Are You Asking for Reviews from Your Clients? You Should Be!

How important do you think reviews (or client testimonials) are? If you think they’re VERY important, then you are correct. Think about it. What’s the first thing you do when shopping for a new product or service? You look it up online to see if there are any reviews, because you want to know what other people who have tried it think before you buy it. It’s the smart thing to do, after all.

I’m not just talking about looking up reviews when buying a new appliance or finding a good HVAC company, though. This review-searching also goes for voice over actors. I can guarantee you that prospective clients are very interested in what you’ve done before, and more importantly, what people thought of your work. This is why it’s so important for you to get reviews of your VO work.

When you include positive reviews from past clients, you’re letting new potential clients know that you’re legit, professional, and that other people like what you’ve done. This makes the new client much more comfortable in choosing you, and greatly increases your chances of landing the job.

But how do you get reviews? You ask! It’s really that simple. If you know you’ve completed a job that met with a client’s satisfaction, simply ask them to leave a review. This can be done easily on your website so that it’s readily available for anyone browsing your page. A few tweaks to your site, and voila - now there’s a spot for client reviews. And do ask them right at the acceptance of your files while you are HOT on their minds.

Granted, not every client is going to leave a review, and that’s okay. If you’ve really provided an excellent product, most clients will be happy to spend a few minutes leaving some positive feedback. Two things you can do to help make this happen are: 1) make it easy for them, and 2) incentivize them. To make it easy for them, you can email them a link directly to your review page or form, or you can send them a personal card or form to complete. If you think they need a bit of an incentive, you can offer a small discount on their project or offer some free advertising for them by including their link or contact info on your page. Oftentimes, my client will be excited that I exceeded his expectations and will reflect that in and email. That's when I ask, "Can I quote you on that?"

Obviously, positive reviews are the best, but don’t panic if you get some negative feedback. It’s impossible to please everyone, just make sure you handle it like a professional by responding immediately and offering to make it right.

Reviews are an important component of building your brand - and your clientele. If you’re not already asking for voice over reviews, the time to start is now.

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